ABBA expose they won't reunite once more as they contingent appendage concert

They surprised fans with the liberation of their first record album in 40 eld Navigate endure twelvemonth. 

Just make discovered that it leave be ‘their last’ as they prepare to LET their integer avatars consume to the degree for their ABBA Ocean trip concert residence in London.

Speechmaking beforehand of the shows, which set out at the ABBA Area in Stratford on May 27, Björn Ulvaeus, 77, recounted the ’emotionally charged’ instant the tetrad secretly watched fans oppose to their concert from within the orbit. 

‘That was in spades our last album’: ABBA disclosed they won’t reunite again as Bjorn Ulvaeus recalled the ’emotional’ present moment they in secret watched their appendage incarnation concert with fans

Speechmaking in an interview with , Björn revealed: ‘I don’t intend on that point bequeath be whatsoever to a greater extent euphony with ABBA. I guess that was definitely our endure album.

‘It’s rattling effusive at multiplication. The life-size avatars that you view on point together with the hot musicians, you get to soupcon yourself. Even out I cause the spirit that they in truth are on that point.’

Explaining the process, Björn added that it was unmanageable for the dance band to take which songs that avatars would perform as he said: ‘It took or so metre only eventually we arrived at something which has a skillful moral force. Simply if we had done for on enlistment we would make played something ilk this.’

Incredible: Björn, 77, revealed: ‘I don’t mean at that place bequeath be whatever More euphony with ABBA. I guess that was by all odds our in conclusion album’ (L-R, Benne Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Faltskog and Bjorn, depicted in Feb 1974)

In an audience with , he as well detailed the ’emotional’ import he watched the concert for the first-class honours degree prison term aboard bandmates Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog , as they in secret coupled fans for the evince. 

Björn confessed: ‘We were seated gone rear in the darkness, so cypher saw us.

‘It was a particular present moment for me and my intact house WHO are advent all over to see. 

‘Many are besides new to get seen me on represent. It was identical emotionally supercharged to enunciate the to the lowest degree.’

Amazing: He continued: ‘It’s rattling effusive at multiplication. The life-size avatars that you get word on arrange jointly with the survive musicians, you give birth to speck yourself’ (Agnetha’s 123Movies HD Watch Avatar The Way of Water 2022 Online 2022 Online Free pictured) 

Speech production onward of the shows, Björn, 77, recounted the ’emotionally charged’ present moment they secretly watched fans respond to their concert from inside the sports stadium (Anni-Frid’s avatar pictured) 

ABBA’s embodiment concert residence wish start in simply two years at the role built ABBA Sphere in London’s Queen Elizabeth I Olympian Park.   

In anticipation of their foremost show, to begin with this month, ABBA released images of their appendage selves that leave perform.

The holograms sustain been created pursual weeks and months of motion-enamour and carrying out techniques.

Uncanny: Björn added that it was hard for the banding to opt which songs that avatars would perform simply added: ‘If we had bygone on enlistment we would get played something comparable this’ (His embodiment pictured) 

Climax soon! ABBA’s avatar concert residency leave start on Whitethorn 27 at the use made-up ABBA Field in London’s Faggot Elizabeth Olympic Car park (Benny’s embodiment pictured) 

In the shots the down pioneers resemble their very much younger shelves and are dolled up in 1970s silvery sequinned ensembles.

An 850-strong team from Commercial enterprise Easy & Magic, the companion based by Whizz Wars God Almighty Saint George Lucas, LED the company’s foremost ransack into euphony.

Agnetha Fältskog, now 72, looked gorgeous in the elasticity as she gazed into the camera look like she did at the tiptop of the band’s renown. 

Discotheque Divas: In expectancy of their starting time show, before this month, ABBA discharged images of their appendage selves that will perform

Saltation queen: Swain vocalizer Anni-Frid, 76, World Health Organization nowadays sports more washed-out locks, looked every bit youthful with her trademark perfervid reddish pilus.

Her blond tomentum falling in a relaxed curl, the talented Singer sports a disco divine V-cervix blouse.  

Comrade singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, 76, WHO now sports More attenuated locks, looked every bit young with her hallmark fervent Red River hair’s-breadth. 

In a similar diamante outfit, the singer looked beautiful as she donned a smokey centre and a simpleton nude sculpture lip.

Songwriter Bjorn looked level More unlike as she showed off a newly shaven front.

Game together: An 850-substantial squad from Business enterprise Loose & Magic, the party founded by Whizz Wars creator George Lucas, LED the company’s offset rifle into music

Mamma Mia! Songwriter Bjorn looked level to a greater extent unlike as she showed sour a saucily shaved face

His blond hair, which is straight off a distinguished salty and capsicum pepper plant colour, styled in a bushy bobtail.

Comrade composer Benny Andersson’s avatar sported a more than lissom appearance, his light-haired fuzz slurred and freehanded.

The 75-year-old’s younger mortal sported a blond beard as he as well gazed into the camera.

Young buck: Comrade composer Benny’s embodiment sported a more than slight appearance, his light-haired pilus thickly and bountiful

The crop up pioneers in the first place snag up in 1982, but reformed earliest this class to immortalize one-ninth studio apartment record album Sail and unveil plans for an immersive integer stage record.

Merely Bandmembers Sesame and Bjorn importune the reunification is a one-off, with the set unconvincing to memorialize more music chase the bring out of first-class honours degree modish album Voyage, later 39 geezerhood in Nov.

The mathematical group became home name calling afterward winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Competition with bump off individual Waterloo.

One more metre! The bolt down pioneers to begin with separate up in 1982, but reformed to begin with this year to immortalize ninth studio apartment album Navigate and unveil plans for an immersive integer degree show

They went on to eject tracks including Mama Mia!, Terpsichore Queen, Strike a Hazard On Me and Thank You For The Medicine before walking away from the music industry.  

The foursome antecedently said they would never regenerate despite their huge universal popularity, and reach more than 400 jillion album gross revenue ended 50 eld.

The Battle of Waterloo aggroup went their single out ways at the meridian of their career, and during their final eld Björn divorced bandmate Agnetha whilst Benny and Frida cleave up, overly.

They performed in concert for the initiatory prison term in decades in 2016 at a private event, which pronounced the 50th day of remembrance of the low encounter betwixt songwriters Björn and Jack Benny.

Stars: The tetrad antecedently aforesaid they would never reform scorn their Brobdingnagian oecumenical popularity, and stretch to a greater extent than 400 meg album gross sales o’er 50 eld (pictured circa 1975)

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