Al Hammam Traditional Baths — Athens & Crete

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Spa Journey
A seamless treatment expertise, moderately than a perfunctory service, that may embody a session, welcome foot bath, scrub, and therapeutic massage in the identical remedy room, thus aiming to enhance the service high quality of a spa treatment for friends (no switching rooms; cross training therapists in aesthetics and massage, and so forth.) as nicely the relaxation advantages.

If having a separate structure isn’t an option for you, consider putting in a sliding glazed dome over an outside pool to offer shelter while you’re swimming. You can get designs which might be tall enough for you to face at the side of the pool below the cover, сауна в тюмени с бассейном недорого цены и адреса as well as variations that glide open in an effort to expose as much of the water to the weather as you want on any specific day.